new class, scratch tickets and more

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis publisher and developer Sega hosted a special livestream with information on upcoming content and updates planned for August. Players can expect a new Braver class, Scratch Ticket, quest and more.

Braver is a powerful damage-dealing class that uses a katana and a photon bow. The archetype is great for both melee and ranged combat, making it a great choice for just about any content. Some new skills were demonstrated that the Braver players will be able to take advantage of.

Among them is a new exclusive active skill called Brave Combat. Using the ability, for a limited time, PP consumption decreases and its recovery increases with attacks. Reusing the skill while it is active will deal the finishing blow. PSO2 New Genesis players will be able to try out a total of 15 new skills following the release of the Braver class.

Along with the class on August 4th will also be the SG Scratch Ticket “Astute Braver”, the side story “A Melancholy Monument” dedicated to Aina, and the AC Scratch Ticket “Sunshine Marine Stars”. Sunshine Marine Stars is an idol-set that includes a wide variety of outfits, accessories and emotes. The option to hide the MAG device will also become available.

The N-Pure Maid Dress and N-Cursed Coat costumes will return to the game on August 11. They will be released alongside the AC Scratch Ticket “Oracle Renewal Collection II”.

Scratch AC “Summer Sky Seaside” and a new urgent quest called “Mining Rig Defense” will appear on August 18th. He will send a team of eight to defend the target from several waves of enemies. The mission will include a new type of enemy, the ability to upgrade a mining rig and a mobile cannon. Completing the quest will give players the opportunity to obtain weapons from the upcoming Evolcoat series.

A week later, on August 25, the SG Scratch “Arks Conductor” will be released.

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