New episode titled “The Birth of Battlegrounds” for Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

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KRAFTON, Inc. expands the story of the Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds universe with story-driven documentaries called “Unknown Mysteries.” It is a detective series hosted by Jonathan Frakes, best known for Star Trek: The Next Generation and Beyond Faith: Fact or Fiction.

The most recent episode titled “Unknown Mysteries: The Birth of Battlegrounds” is already available for viewing. In it, Jonathan talks to insiders and experts to explore the backstory of Battlegrounds. This video continues the two previous episodes in the series that revealed other secrets of PUBG’s history.

In addition to Unknown Mysteries: The Birth of Battlegrounds, KRAFTON will release its first short film, Ground Zero, on June 26, starring Don Lee, best known for Marvel Studios’ The Eternals and The Train to Busan. Ground Zero is set in the PUBG universe, with Lee playing a prisoner trying to escape from Hosan Prison in Taego. This short film is directly related to the story of the new South Korean map “Taego”, which will appear in the game on July 7 on PC and July 15 on consoles.

By the way, “Taego” will be the new 8×8 map, which will include the ability to return to the battlefield after death. All additional information will appear this month.

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