New PUBG: New State Video Talking About Plot and Battle Pass

Krafton continues Troy Map Tour in PUBG: New State. In the new episode, we learned more about the game’s storyline, as well as the upcoming Battle Pass.

A new video has been released for PUBG: New State, or rather, the third episode of Excursions in Troy. The developers said that the actions of the new part take place in the same universe as PUBG Mobile, but after 30 years. As expected, things are not going so smoothly in the future: states are disintegrating, the dollar has lost its strength, and so on. When Troy was a cool city that went bankrupt by 2051. Now different factions are fighting on its streets, one of them is “New State”. You can guess that the game is named after her.

While we are waiting for four factions:

  • New State – residents of Troy who want to create an equal society
  • GLC – the military who fight for control and order
  • Mayhem – a motorcycle gang who will not miss the opportunity to take a bite of the pie during the chaos
  • Hunters – the same hunters from the previous videos about Troy. While we are told that they have a cool and long history

Battle Pass for PUBG: New State

Krafton also shared plans for the Battle Pass. It will be linked to the history of New State and divided into weeks. The screenshot shows one of the tasks: “Collect 3 boxes of explosives around Troy.” Special points will be awarded for completing missions. It is not yet known what they can be spent on and what other rewards await us.

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