New record and best players list – Path of Exile developers on the launch of Siege of the Atlas

A few days ago, the release of a major addition “Siege of the Atlas” for the isometric Action RPG Path of Exile took place. It launched a new league, overhauled most of the mechanics of Atlas, and added a huge tree with over 600 passive skills.

According to the developers, the launch went very smoothly and without major problems. A new record for online concurrent players was set at 270,260. In addition, the following users have already managed to defeat Maven, Flame Exarch, and Eater of Worlds in the Retribution Solo League with one life:

  1. Darkee
  2. steelmage
  3. Dsfarblarwaggle
  4. Karvarousku
  5. Fiskrens
  6. Dslily
  7. xtrmspd

The Grinding Gear Games studio noted that it is closely following the feedback and reports, and this week the authors will share plans for future improvements.

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