The gaming industry has many mood swings: last week, there were a lot of great projects, but this week it’s not all so smooth. That is why we decided to collect the best that came out over the past seven days. This gives you something to play with on the weekend.

Warhammer odyssey

The developers of this game are interesting people. At first, they said that the release would take place on February 22nd on Android, but now we find out that the game is suddenly available to everyone. There are no revelations here, but if you miss the western style MMORPG, this project will be a breath of fresh air. There may be problems logging in.

  • Distribution model: shareware
  • Platforms: Android


This is an isometric battle royale with maps based on real cities. Each character has its own abilities, and they need to be pumped. The map is large, while the maximum number of players may not be enough. We get coins after capturing specific points, enemies are visible on the map and behind cover.

  • Distribution model: shareware

Knightin ‘+

Pixel dungeon crawlers will never go out of style. This project was developed by one person, while there are many hints of the first The Legend of Zelda and The Binding of Isaac series. Our task is to complete dungeons and collect/buy items.

  • Distribution model: premium

Cooking Simulator

After a hard day, you always want something to eat in the refrigerator or on the stove. Another option is to go to a restaurant. Suppose you have ever wondered how “internal kitchen» Similar establishments, then with the game Cooking Simulator it will be possible. The most important thing is not to set anything on fire; otherwise, you will need a fire extinguisher.

  • Distribution model: shareware

Senso no Ken: Thousands Layered Edge

If an action can be made unique, it’s with an art style. This time we get a drawing a la “ink“. Arcade controls: swipes and tapas. Simultaneously, the gameplay is diluted with mini-games where we will ride a horse, sail in a boat, and so on. The cost is low, so we recommend it.

  • Distribution model: premium

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