New releases on iOS and Android this week: WWE Undefeated, The Complex, Startup Panic, Ninja Chowdown

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Another week is coming to an end, which marked the beginning of December. Many great releases and articles are awaiting us that App Time readers will definitely love. This time, let’s remember what the top releases in the App Store and Google Play were this week. Genres are completely different, from arcades to serious interactive cinema. As always, we attach a distribution model and links.

WWE Undefeated

Almost full-fledged wrestling has now appeared on smartphones. Memorable wrestlers expect gamers with their signature moves. The game is an arcade fighting game where you have an energy scale. We spend it on performing techniques and strikes. You can even make combinations of them, but always watch out for the remaining energy – it may not be enough. Read more here.

  • Distribution model: Shareware
  • Platforms: iOS / Android

The complex

Real interactive cinema with real actors and locations. A bio-threat has hit London, and now scientists need to do something about it. You can try to get out of the laboratory for starters because delay can cost your life. More information about the game can be found here.

  • Distribution model: Premium
  • Platforms: iOS / Android

Startup panic

Hello Neighbor developers decided to release a startup simulator. All the litigation and joy of a young businessman who decided to end his office career and go about his business awaits the players. It all starts with programming in your bedroom and ends with a luxury office in a skyscraper. More details here.

  • Distribution model: Premium
  • Platforms: iOS / Android

Ninja chowdown

Abylight Studio is best known for developing the silent action game Hyper Light Drifter. She recently released a free runner where we play as the ninja Donatsu. He is trying to reclaim the Omniscience Donut stolen from him by a ninja from another food clan.

  • Distribution model: shareware
  • Platforms: iOS

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