New theme for MIUI 12 allows you to completely change the charging animation

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Thanks to the theme Hello White V12 you can give your Xiaomi a different look, especially when you charge it. In addition, she adds a few animations so that you don’t get cold on this theme too quickly and can change them from time to time.

Hello White V12

Once this theme is installed (we will remind you how to do this at the end of the article), you can change certain aspects of its settings. Among them you will find and the ability to customize various loading animations – one is brighter and more interesting than the other.
This theme allows you to change the charging animation of your Xiaomi by choosing one of the design options.

Also, Hello White V12 offers its own icon pack, a large number of widgets and an original aesthetics, which in general are completely different from the usual for MIUI. And while Control Center and Settings remain, the strong point of this theme is the high level of customization of the lock screen.

To install this theme, you just need to find “Hello White V12” in the Themes app and start downloading it. If suddenly you can’t do this, you can try changing the region, in this case to the region “India”… After downloading and activating the theme, the region setting can be reverted back.

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