New Valorant Cinematic Reveals Spike’s Secret And Reveals A Double For The First Time

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Riot Games has released a new cinematic trailer for the multiplayer first-person shooter Valorant, which has revealed some interesting lore details. There were a lot of fan theories and hints in the game itself, but the video was able to answer some questions.

So, it became finally clear that Spike is not just a bomb, but a device that pumps out radionite from the environment. In addition, in the cinematics for the first time they showed a double, in particular – Phoenix, which means that the presence of the same characters in two teams and replicas in the spirit of “The Pretender is Killed” are plot-based. Also at the end you can see the second Earth, but where it came from is still a mystery.

This trailer is dedicated to the first anniversary of Valorant. Recall that the release of the game on PC took place on June 2, 2020.

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