New Warframe Sevagoth Appears With the Call of Tempestaria Update for Warframe

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Digital Extremes has released another major patch for the co-op third-person shooter Warframe. Among other things, the Call of Tempestaria update has added a new warframe named Sevagot to the game. Its peculiarity is the ability to take a shadow form to gain new abilities. You will find a complete list under the spoiler below.

  • Harvest – The shadow of Sevagoth is released outward and rushes forward, destroying enemies in its path. Survivors take damage from Deadly Harvest over time. The souls of the dead fill the Well of Death.
  • Sowing – Plant Death Seeds on nearby targets to drain their life force. Gather what has been sown by blasting enemies hit, dealing radial damage equal to a percentage of their health. The souls of the dead fill the Well of Death.
  • Darkness – Summons a radial pulse wave that captures and slows enemies, pumping their life force into the Death Well. Allies within the wave consume the health of enemies with each attack made.
  • Majestic shadow – When the Well of Death is full, the shadow form of Sevagoth can be released. Rip an enemy apart with a set of melee abilities

Passive – Upon death, become the Shadow of Sevagoth and fight to resurrect him, gaining the souls needed to restore his tombstone.

Shadow Abilities:

  • Embrace – Ghostly hands squeeze enemies in an embrace to a state of mush.
  • Absorption – Cut through enemies, taking their souls with you to heal the Shadow.
  • Deadly Harvest – Brings heartbreaking torment to nearby enemies.
  • Unity “Sevagoth and his Shadow become one again.

The update also added a new quest to the game, in which players will travel through the turbulence of the Abyssal Storms to explore the mysterious ghost ship that patrols Proxima Corpus. Upon completion, you will receive a blueprint for the aforementioned warframe as a reward.

The Railjack has been redesigned to make Proxima Corpus easier to fly. 2 new mission types are available: Orfix and Raid. Abyssal Storms have appeared in space and are affecting Railjack performance, significantly increasing difficulty, as well as creating new reward opportunities.

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