New wipe, new life – Major patch for Escape From Tarkov released

Battlestate Games continues to develop the realistic hardcore first-person shooter Escape From Tarkov with another major update now available. A fresh patch numbered 0.12.12 brought a new map, a new type of bots, improved projectile ballistics, weapon overheating and much more to the game.

In Escape From Tarkov, the first version of a location called “The Lighthouse” has been added, the scale of which will expand over time. In addition, here you will find a previously unknown type of bots – former USEC fighters, also called renegades. These are entire groups of former PMCs and the distinguishing feature from the wild ones is that they are well coordinated and have powerful weapons.

In addition, a lot of work has been done on animations for walking, strafing, squatting, bending and others to make them more realistic. Also added a new weapon, the effect of its overheating, the ability to use voice chat and much more.

Below is a trailer for the patch for clarity:

Escape from Tarkov Beta - 0.12.12 Patch trailer (feat. the Lighthouse)

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