Next week, the next testing of the shooter Nine to Five will begin

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The creators of the multiplayer first-person shooter Nine to Five are about to conduct another beta test. It will start on June 16 (20:00 MSK) and end on June 22 (20:00 MSK), and everyone can take part.

Many changes are awaiting testers, including on the basis of feedback. The standard armor has been weakened to reduce the TTK (time to kill), but more powerful Juggernaut armor has been added. Players will no longer be able to use both a grenade and a first-aid kit in battle – they will have to choose one thing.

The number of available laser mines has been reduced, and the number of spring traps has increased. The first aid kit can only revive one player, but the total revival time has been increased. Turrets now have a lower rate of fire and lower accuracy. Sounds have also been improved. The Merlin light machine gun and the Old Salty double-barreled shotgun were added to the arsenal of weapons.

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