NieR Replicant Guide: How to Unlock New Story Content

picture 5 12 NieR Replicant Guide: How to Unlock New Story Content

NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 is more than just a graphics update. The game has brand new story content – but it will take a lot of time to open it. The elusive ending E will give you new gameplay and cut-scenes. We are sure that you want to see them, because you must be a NieR fan. So, there can’t be too much content in NieR!

True, it will take you a very long time to see it completely. If you are familiar with NieR Automata, then you probably remember one of its most important features. There are several parts to her story, and after each completion of the cycle, you start all over again in a new timeline. To get the E ending, you need to complete at least three cycles and start the fourth.

This is far more than any other ending in the game, and you will also need to find a number of very specific items that are very easy to miss. Let’s break down everything you need to know to unlock everything new in this NieR Replicant relaunch.

How to unlock ending E

To earn the E ending and unlock new secret content, you will need to complete the game three times. Ending E becomes available only after you get Ending D, for which you need to find all 30 weapons and permanently delete your save file.

It is most important. If you’ve already played Replicant, this information should be enough – but if you need a more detailed step-by-step guide, read on.

Step-by-step instructions for ending E

NieR Replicant Guide: How to Unlock New Story Content

To get ending E, you first need to unlock endings A, B, and D:

  • Ending A: Unlocked with a normal single playthrough of the game. Nothing special.
  • Ending B: after completing ending A, load the save file with clear data and continue the game. Complete the story to unlock this ending.
  • Ending D: this is where things get much more complicated. You will need to replay the game (along the path of ending B) and collect all 30 weapons. If you collect them, a new final boss will unlock. Defeat him and select the bottom option – this will permanently delete your save file.

Ending D is the hardest. From the very beginning you will need to collect all available weapons. Buy all the weapons that are in the stores and check all the containers in the dungeons. Complete all possible side quests. Some weapons are only in the first part, and some – only in the second.

  • Ending E: after getting ending D (deleting the save file) you will need to create a new file with a new name. After you reach the Aerie boss, the story will branch out and change.

To make sure you don’t miss out on any of the 30 weapons needed to get the desired endings, take a look at our guide, which will show you how to find all the weapons.

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