Niffelheim: Viking game out on Android

Publisher Ellada Games has ported Niffelheim to Android. It will have to survive in the harsh Scandinavia.

Niffelheim is a 2D survival game with cool visuals and a unique atmosphere. The developers say the project has received a lot of praise, as well as high praise on Steam. Starting today, Android gamers can buy this game and start the adventure.

In the story, we take on the role of a fearless Viking who died in the battle and instead of Valhalla ended up in Niflheim, the land of ice and fog. The main task is to survive and find a way to Asgard. As they progress, players build a large fortress, fight armies of fearsome creatures, and descend into dark dungeons for loot, boss battles.

To play comfortably on Android, you need Android 8.0+ OS version. Compared to the PC client, Niffelheim mobile has a redesigned interface and easy operation. Note that there is no multiplayer in the project. If you didn’t know, an early version of the game appeared in 2016, and a full release on PC took place in 2018.Since that moment, support for 14 languages ​​has been added to the project.

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