Nightmare Gate is a mobile horror game with a battle pass and screamers

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A horror game called Nightmare Gate was released on smartphones. It is made according to all the canons of mobile horror movies: search for objects, puzzle solving, square graphics and screamers. We play as a boy who hears voices and finds a way through the closet to the nightmares. Often times you have to sneak around to not be heard. Full immersion in the other world occurs after you and your sister are grabbed by a monster. Apples are used as preservation.

The location is patrolled by several identical monsters (hello Amnesia). If you are caught even once, then the game offers to jump to the next checkpoint after watching the advertisement. By the way, the saves are not free: you have to pay coins for them (scattered across the levels) or watch ads again. The game is interesting for fans of the genre, but the lack of a soundtrack spoils the atmosphere a little.

Nightmare Gate is already available on iOS and Android. This is a shareware project with ads and microtransactions up to 309 rubles per item… There is a Russian localization.

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