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Nintendo Switch Sports Released

Nintendo Switch Sports has been released exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. The project is sold in the Nintendo eShop for 3320 rubles. Russian language is supported.

On Nintendo Switch Sports, players can compete alone against bots, against friends or random users over the Internet in six sports such as tennis, bowling, sword fighting, football, badminton and volleyball. In this case, control will be carried out using the movements of the joy-cons.

In the future, the developers plan to add new content. They have two free major updates planned for 2022. The first will be released in the summer and will allow you to play football with a joy-con and a special strap attached to your leg. The second is expected in the autumn and will add a new sport – golf.

Nintendo Switch Sports выходит 29 апреля! 🏐 🏸 🎳 ⚽ ⚔️ 🎾 (Nintendo Switch)

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