No Man’s Sky download torrent For PC

No Mans Sky download torrent For PC No Man's Sky download torrent For PC

No Man’s Sky download torrent

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Science fiction. Is this genre changing in the field of computer games? Definitely, the answer will be positive. Despite the fact that many games in this genre remain roughly the same, if you look at their essence, some modify the genre, adding new features, setting new standards. More recently, a game called No Man’s Sky, and it can be safely attributed to the genre of science fiction. But not only to this. You won’t be mistaken if you say there’s a lot more to this than just exploring the world around you on foot or sitting in your quirky little spaceship. This is a sandbox, and a procedurally generated world, and flights in space, and space battles, and densely populated planets, and tasks for those who do not like to just explore and who want targeted actions. So, we seem to be coming to the conclusion that this game is a real treasure trove of everything. Is it true? You can find out for yourself and only for yourself, because, as you know, everyone has their own taste and color. Let’s start with the description of the game.

Game process

What is the gameplay of this game? Let’s start with the most distinctive qualities. First, the game world consists of many procedurally generated planets and space between them. Players are free to explore both, and there’s a chance, however small – catastrophically small – that you might stumble upon another player while exploring the vast world. However, the developers say that perhaps in the future they will add a full-fledged multiplayer to the game. All the planets that you can go to are diverse, each has its own climate, landscape, flora and fauna, and on each you will find only animals peculiar to this planet. For example, some may have dinosaurs, and if you hover over one of them with the cursor, you will see a little help with the name of the creature and maybe some other information.

You can interact with every living being, and the environment is interactive. If you are tired of studying some biome, then you can easily do something else – for example, improve your ship, for which you will need new parts. By the way, another thing that makes the game unique is the possibility of first discovery. Just imagine: each player can find something and share information about this creature with other players through a large database, and then the name of this player will appear as the name of the discoverer! It would be possible just to give the names themselves! .. and the game begins with the fact that you find yourself on a planet on the outskirts of the galaxy, and then how lucky you are – either it will be a calm planet, or it will be hell and a nightmare. Players are only equal in that they all start the same way without a ship. He appears later.


What can the plot of such an ambiguous and interesting game tell about, in which, it would seem, the main thing is exploration, discovery, and enjoyment of the universe? But he is here. Is this a plus or a minus? Definitely a plus. The plot of this game will set you only a goal, give you ways to achieve it, explain the reasons and show the outcome. The goal that will unite the world into a single whole is to reach the center of the galaxy. What awaits you there? How long will it take you to travel to it? What will happen next? These are all questions that are waiting for answers. In addition, it is worth noting that the game, even after its release, continues to improve and improve, acquiring new features and characteristics. Isn’t it wonderful? We wish you a pleasant game!

System requirements

  • OS: Windows 7;
  • Processor: Intel Core i3;
  • RAM: 8 GB;
  • video card: GeForce GTX 480;
  • free hard disk space: 10 GB.


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