No Man’s Sky – how to craft items

The creation of various parts, objects and resources is one of the main elements of the game. Without creating and building, we will not make progress, and we will not get the improvements necessary for the journey.

Now – after the Next update – crafting has become more difficult. Creating objects consists of three different steps. Every aspect is described in our guide.

By creating various equipment, you will not only gain access to new items, features and improvements, but also create your base on any planet.

Create in inventory

Crafting items in our inventory is the easiest type of crafting. Just click on any box in your backpack – in your inventory or on the ship, it’s up to you – and select the item you want to create from the list. It will appear in the field.

When we place the cursor on this object before creating it, a list of components required to create it will be displayed.

Building bases

Building on the surface of planets, which was introduced a few months after the premiere of No Man’s Sky, is one of the most interesting new features. Thanks to this system, we can finally build our own bases.

To start creating such a structure, press Z on the PC. This way we activate a small menu of available objects. We can build walls, ceilings, decorative items, as well as devices that are useful for various activities – even for a computer or a schematic analyzer.

The schematic analyzer allows us to learn about the recipes for subsequent objects – we will build it on the second planet, (this is part of the main learning task).

___ No_Man_s_Sky_Screenshot_2018.08.02

Element Handling

Another type of crafting is the production of substances and products obtained as a result of processing. Processing takes place thanks to the refiner. This is one of the first objects we can build on the surface – still on the first planet.

After turning on the refiner, we will see a place for raw materials on the left and a new product on the right. For example, pure ferrite after the transformation of ferrite dust.


There is also a field for fuel at the top of the refiner menu. Here we can use different kinds of carbon and other red elements.

The assembly may seem complicated, but the game introduces us from the very beginning to the following crafting types and available options. After leaving the second planet, we will begin to create buildings without any problems. The most important thing is to regularly stock up on raw materials.


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