No Man’s Sky: How to get Atlas Pass 1, 2 and 3

The Atlas Pass Levels 1, 2 and 3 are three hard-to-find items that you’ll want to have in your No Man’s Sky. Especially if you are a very curious player, and you can’t wait to look behind all the closed doors on the space station.

The NEXT update slightly changed the usual formula for obtaining these keys, although it remained quite similar to the previous one. In this guide, we will tell you how to get the Atlas Passes of all three levels, as well as explain what exactly they are for.

What is an Atlas Pass?

Atlas Pass Levels 1, 2, and 3 are unique access cards that are unlimited in use and unlock a specific door or storage container throughout the game. To get them, for each of these keys you will need to find a blueprint and the necessary materials from which you will make it. Their usage is sometimes slightly different, but in most cases it looks something like this:

  • Atlas Pass 1 – This key is commonly used to open one item in No Man’s Sky after the NEXT update: storage containers. You will find them scattered (in our case, one was right next to the crashed starship at the very beginning of the game, and the second, strange, was inside a random building on the surface of the planet);
  • Atlas pass 2 – Primarily used to open various doors in structures located on the planet, such as colonial outposts and factories. So far, we can’t say for sure what’s inside – the second level Atlas Pass is strangely rare – although this is usually a matter of chance and depends on the total amount of loot mined;
  • Atlas pass 3 – required for doors with the highest level of access, especially within the interior sections of space stations. There is usually a locked door on the side of the station with a third level of access.

How to get Atlas Pass 1

Atlas Pass 1 is, in fact, the only key that players are almost guaranteed to receive during the passage of the main storyline of the game. The recipe for Atlas Pass 1 inside the first space anomaly you encounter comes from a little geek named Polo. Although there are times when this happens and not on the first …

Cosmic Anomalies, if you don’t already know, usually appear along the path of the Atlas, which you can highlight on your galactic map if you select the appropriate option at the beginning of the game (or anywhere in it later). Anomalies appear in the third system you visit (in any case, you will be offered to move from one system to another twice in the game quite early). If you scan the system, they will be marked on your display with a purple pointer.


Inside this Anomaly will be Polo and another alien, Nada. The Anomaly itself looks very similar to a space station, although this system also has one.

Talk to Polo and he will give you one of the low level quests. It could be a task to meet 20 aliens or learn 10 alien words. After completing the task assigned to you, return to it. Polo will tell you to come back for a reward in 2 hours, then you can choose a technology blueprint for your exosuit, multitool or starship, and also receive another reward in addition to this.

In our case, we received the blueprint of Atlas Pass 1 as an additional reward for the second quest completed by Polo. Atlas Pass 1 will require 80x Copper, which can be mined on the surface of the planet, and a Microprocessor to build. It can be bought from merchants.

How to get Atlas Pass 2 and Atlas Pass 3

Unlike the first level key 1, Atlas pass 2 and Atlas pass 3 are not so easy to find. At the moment, the only known way to get their blueprints is to repeatedly search the various production equipment located on the surface of the planets.


The easiest way to detect it is to build a temporary piece of equipment called a Signal Booster. When you interact with it, two options appear:

  • Detection of nearby structures – scanning the area for the presence of nearby structures of any type;
  • Data Entry – This will cost you 1 Navigation Data, but will allow you to narrow your search down to a specific structure type. After that, the signal booster will show you the location of a nearby structure of a given type.

Navigation data can be found in the small orange objects on the tables inside the space stations.


Ideally, you should select the data entry option and then scan for safe frequencies. This option should give you information about the location of production facilities or supply depots, since in both cases there is a locked door that you will have to destroy with weapons to get inside.


As soon as you find one of these structures, go to it and start shooting at the door. The guards will attack you, but if you move from side to side, most of their attacks will miss, and as soon as you get inside, they will lose sight of you.


Inside you will find a terminal that you can interact with. If you choose the correct answer, you will receive a reward. Most of the time it can be a blueprint or a rare tech, but luckily if you’re really lucky it could be an Atlas Pass 2 or an Atlas Pass 3! In addition, you may be lucky enough to find a cryo-pump blueprint (Cryo-Pump), with which you can quickly earn a lot of money in No Man’s Sky.


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