No Man’s Sky – Journey between star systems

Traveling in a spaceship is an integral part of No Man’s Sky.

Caring for the ship is relatively simple. We just always need to have a supply of Pluto and Tam9 elements, which serve as fuel for starting and pulse engines.

Ship flight and steering

The controls are simple and limited to a few buttons.

Controller Control (PS4 or Xbox):

  • Start / Acceleration – R2 / RT
  • Brake – L2/LT
  • Turn Right – R1/RB
  • Turn Left – L1/LB
  • Pulsating drive – L1 + R1 / LB + RB
  • Backburner – Circle / B
  • Shot-X/A
  • Change Weapon Mode – Triangle / Y
  • Entry and exit – square, X
  • Twisting – Left Analog
  • Planetary System Scan – L3

During space travel, the most important thing is to use the pulse drive. Thanks to him, you will achieve distant goals. All you have to do is point to the icon of the selected point (station on the surface of the planet, space station) and you will see a pointer indicating how long it will take to get to your destination. Firing the pulse drive will make you get there a lot faster, although you won’t be able to control the ship – you have to be set on that as well, otherwise you’ll miss the target if you don’t stop at the right moment.

Encounters with enemy ships are pretty rare unless you start the skirmish yourself. However, this should not be done at the beginning of the adventure. It may happen that you are attacked by pirates – if there are more than two of them, flee.

galaxy map


The first main goal after starting the adventure in No Man’s Sky is to get plans and build a hyperdrive. It allows you to travel between planetary systems.

To move to another system, we need to integrate the galaxy map. Just press the down button on the controller cross. If we have fuel in the hyperdrive, then you can travel.

The points on the map are star systems. We can look at each of them and see information about the number of planets and other celestial bodies in a given system.

Lines show routes between systems. At the beginning, in the map mode, we see the path to the center of the galaxy – these are the lines highlighted in orange. However, during the game we will unlock other map options – for example, points of interest where we can follow the path highlighted in blue.

To get to the selected system, simply move the analogue to it (then the path line will become lighter) and press the corresponding button. Of course, we cannot immediately fly into a system from which we are separated by several others. We travel in a step-by-step way, moving between points.


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