Non Anonymous Instruction anime game preload has begun

Non Anonymous Instruction is a mobile project that can be preloaded on Android. If you believe the notification in the game client itself, then the servers will start tomorrow, November 25th. Also note that this is not a release, but an OBT.

There are auto-battles in Non Anonymous Instruction, but they are not open at the start, so you have to choose a specific hero, his target and which ability to use. To make it easier to create a team and synergy between its members, the developers introduced the system “rock Paper Scissors”, that is, the element and the role of each character affects the overall performance in battle.

The plot in Non Anonymous Instruction develops through text and voiced dialogue. We note the excellent art style, which even in the early stages was developed much more than other aspects of the game, for example, the voice acting of the characters. Therefore, the gacha system offers advanced animations that are unique to each character. By the way, at the start, beginners are given 10 free spins.

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