Non Anonymous Instruction is back in beta

Non Anonymous Instruction is a mobile game with jRPG elements and anime style. In August, we talked about a beta test that took place in China. Now the developers have launched the CBT on Android again, and a page has appeared in the App Store; indicated on it Estimated release date is December 22, 2022.

Note that after the end of the Non Anonymous Instruction beta test, your progress will be deleted. Also, judging by the translation of the CBT announcement, gamers will even be able to donate. In essence, in Non Anonymous Instruction, you assemble a team of anime heroes, and then upgrade them depending on the class and role in the team.

Non Anonymous Instruction has a lot of gifts for daily entry, but the Chinese characters will not allow you to understand the plot. The battles in this game are automatic.and they can be almost doubled from the start.

Note that the new heroes in Non Anonymous Instruction are knocked out through the gacha system. The developers worked on animations and made a unique intro for each character. You can read more about the game in the previous news.

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