Not Exactly A Hero! – visual novel with cartoon graphics for iOS and Android

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Buff Studio has released a visual novel “Not Exactly A Hero!” On Android. The entire plot is revealed through dialogues in the messenger. No, this is not another Duskwood. This project has cartoonish and interesting graphics. The local history is a bit like My Hero Academy. You see, the main character is an ordinary teenager with no superpowers. But he lives in a world filled with superheroes. He helps one of them.

We will meet a boss who is constantly stressed from a small budget, as well as other characters. Each of them has its own character, its own motives. With someone we will make friends, with someone we will become enemies. It all depends on our decisions. The developers promise that each playthrough will be like a new game. In total, there are three starting points and nine different endings with bonuses for those who like to go through games “to the holes.”

Not Exactly A Hero! already available on Android via TapTap… The App Store says the release will take place on June 4th. Pre-registration is available on Google Play. This is a shareware project with ads and microtransactions. There is Russian localization.

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