NotMyCar download torrent For PC

NotMyCar download torrent

NotMyCar belongs to the battle royale genre that is gaining popularity, download via torrent so you don’t miss anything. Players from all over the world find it all interesting and worthy of their attention. People want to try something new, previously unknown, that can please and surprise them. You will have the opportunity to fight with other participants. Defend the title of the strongest, because it’s really worth it. Previously, you may have been familiar with this genre, but you should be warned that the role of a person is not available to you. This time you have the honor of becoming a combat vehicle, which is quite an interesting innovation. It should be noted right away that you will have a huge number of weapons at your disposal, which you can use at your own discretion.

Story line

Your main task will be survival, so do not think that everything will be easy, because something out of the ordinary can always happen. It must be warned that all competitions will be carried out on cars with a huge arsenal. At the very beginning, you will land on one of the fields. For this you will be provided with parachutes. The next step is to choose a more winning tactic and try to stick to it. Go to an active attack, because then you will have the opportunity to disarm ill-wishers. To gain an advantage, we suggest you use the features of the landscape. Rough terrain is just one of them.

Game process

If necessary, you can move along the edge of the map, thereby avoiding unwanted collisions. The developers decided to introduce some frameworks so as not to stretch the gameplay indefinitely. Download NotMyCar via torrent if you are interested in the description. Very soon, the map will begin to reduce its size, and those who remain below its line are automatically considered losers. You need to be the only one who survived, only this will ensure victory. Build a good all-round defense, this method will also give you a significant advantage. Deal crushing blows to your opponents and move only forward. A well-aimed hit will be well rewarded.

Structure of NotMyCar

  • The video game is made in the multiplayer genre, where you have to fight on the “wheels”. You have to move to an impressive field. For your own purposes, you need to use incredibly progressive weapons, as well as abilities. Here you will be asked to move forward despite the possible difficulties.
  • To achieve the desired result, you need to become competitive, and this will be done through cunning, as well as perseverance. Engage in improvement, because the final result depends on it.
  • Every time, you will get an incomparable adrenaline rush that will help you hold out until the very end. Decide in advance which of the zones you can land on, try to drive the enemies into a disadvantageous point.
  • From the very beginning, you must set yourself up for victory. Improve your external characteristics, then it will no longer become something unusual and unattainable for you. Send all your charge in their direction. You will be able to control your destiny and influence others.
  • Caches with stocks of good weapons will be located throughout the island. Get ahead of your opponents so that all the benefits go to you. In NotMyCar you have to become a member of a huge number of battles, download the torrent game to have fun.

System requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 X64
  • Processor: Intel Core i3-3220 or equivalent
  • RAM: 8 GB RAM
  • Video Card: NVIDIA GT 750 TI or equivalent
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband internet connection
  • Disk space: 30 GB


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