Observation – Beginner’s Guide

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The following guide is a compendium of knowledge about this climate dark sci-fi adventure game. It contains a detailed walkthrough of levels and solutions to all the puzzles and riddles available in the game.

Here you will find a description of the controls, the most important topics related to the game, and a richly illustrated guide that will guide you step by step through the story of the game. Each of the available actions has been described in detail.

Briefly about the game

Observation is an unusual horror adventure game. The plot of the game focuses on what happens to Dr. Emma Fisher during her mission to the Observation Space Station, which orbits the Earth in 2026. The game begins when Dr. Fisher awakens and tries to contact the Houston base. She talks about a possible, mysterious collision or accident that caused the station to spin constantly. When no one from the team answers her calls, she turns to CAM – artificial intelligence. The player controls the SAM in the game. As an AI system, you don’t have a physical body. This limits your ability to control cameras located inside and outside the station and interact with various computers and digital panels in your field of view. As you progress through the game, you will gain access to more maps and station diagrams. This will allow you to explore every area of ​​the station and help Emma solve the mystery. The game uses its environment to create a dark, thriller-like atmosphere. This provides a very unusual narrative experience that puts the player in an almost claustrophobic state.

How long does it take to complete?

Observation can be completed in less than four hours. Carefully exploring the station, searching every room and searching for documents in order to recover the memory lost by SAM, can take even ten hours.

Does the game have multiple endings?

No, the game has only one ending. However, its interpretation can give rise to many interesting thoughts and discussions.

An unusual adventure game in which we play as the artificial intelligence SAM, maintaining a station in Earth’s orbit. The production was produced by No Code and released by Devolver Digital.

Observation is an unusual adventure game in which we try to unravel the mystery of a mysterious event that damaged a space station in Earth’s orbit. Developers from No Code studio (authors of Stories Untold) are responsible for creating this title. Publisher: Devolver Digital.

The player takes on the role of SAM, the artificial intelligence responsible for managing the space station. As a result of a mysterious event, the facility is damaged and most of the crew members disappear. While helping survivor Dr. Emma Fisher find them, we’re also trying to decipher a mysterious message we’ve received from an unknown source.

The gameplay mechanics used in Observation are quite unusual as we don’t control the characters in the classic sense of the word. Our hero, SAM, is an artificial intelligence – devoid of a body, but influencing various elements of the station. As Dr. Fisher travels through different locations, it’s up to the player to help her by taking control of individual systems and using them to solve puzzles. Thus, we give the heroine the opportunity to take further steps and learn more about the story prepared by the creators.

Observation has only one mode

Observation boasts an attractive 3D graphic design. The graphics look quite realistic and do a good job of capturing the claustrophobic atmosphere of the space station. The advanced lighting and shading systems are particularly impressive.

Starting advice

If at any point in the game you don’t know what to do, where to go, or what to look for, hold the “R” key and press the right mouse button. This will repeat the current command.

In camera mode, if you hold “O”, a tab with current tasks will appear. On the left side you will find the most important keyboard shortcuts.

You can move around the station more easily by using the SPHERE. To do this, open the map and select the module you want to go to with the right mouse button. From this point on, a small “WAYPOINT” sign will appear on the screen. This will be your compass at the target point. It will only appear when you point the device in the right direction.


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