Odyssey entered the third phase – now you can become an exobiologist and explore unfamiliar worlds

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Frontier Developments has announced the start of Phase 3 testing of the Odyssey add-on for Elite Dangerous on PC. In addition to the content of the first and second stages, the ability to become an exobiologist and explore unknown worlds has been added.

The playable part of the galaxy has also been expanded up to 50 light years. Commanders can finally experience the coveted First Step moments of being the first to land on a previously uncharted planet.

A complete list of new features available in Phase 3 of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey:

  • The first step: the opportunity to visit undiscovered planets.
  • New gameplay thanks to the Genetic Sampler tool.
  • The galaxy’s play area has expanded to about 50 light years.
  • A new spacesuit is available for purchase: Supratech Artemis explorer suit.
  • General rebalancing of all available missions and rewards.

Below you can see a video demonstrating the main features of the new stage:

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