Omerta: City of Gangsters – Game Tactics

The battles in the game are similar to other tactical games, both in terms of visuals and gameplay. Battles are divided into turns that allow your men to move, perform actions, or use special abilities. When the action ends and you press the End Turn button, another character becomes active. There is no “my turn, your turn” mechanic; the emphasis was on increasing control over your units.

This bar shows the active gang member and upcoming moves.

Symbols are moved by pressing the left mouse button – the first click shows the path, the second moves the symbol. To shoot at an enemy unit, first select the type of attack and then the target. Each command can be canceled by pressing the left mouse button. When moving a character, movement points are used, and when attacking and using special abilities, action points are used. Keep in mind that hitting with a melee weapon or shooting with a firearm will automatically use up all remaining movement points! Make sure your device is placed appropriately before performing the action. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule – if so, then abilities of this type are described in the game.

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Units can only move in a horizontal plane – they cannot climb tiles or jump over barriers. The only action they can perform while moving is to find cover (a small green shield on the battlefield). If they hide behind it, they will be partially covered from enemy long-range attacks (cover does not work in melee combat).

Each attack has a certain range. Melee combat requires getting close to an enemy unit, and firing a cannon means you have to consider the area of ​​attack. Pistols, submachine guns, and revolvers have “infinite” range, but their accuracy decreases with distance. Submachine guns and shotguns (and some revolver attacks) show maximum range, but as with other weapons, the farther the target, the harder it will be to hit it. In both cases, ground barriers and units (both allies and enemies) can block the target and be shot by accident.

The accuracy of area attacks drops with distance.  Above: a shootout with a Thompson.  - Battle Mechanics - Tactics - Omerta: City of Gangsters - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Area attack accuracy decreases with distance. Above: shootout with Thompson.

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Successful hits reduce the unit’s health and courage. When the amount of health drops to zero, the unit will fall unconscious and receive one incurable wound – this will reduce its effectiveness for a couple of days of game time. When Courage drops to zero, the number of Health and Action Points available decreases, greatly reducing the gangster’s overall effectiveness.


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