One Piece Fighting Path is a Chinese action game with a plot from the anime series, the release date has appeared

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A new One Piece anime game is being prepared for Chinese gamers. Its name is One Piece Fighting Path. This is an isometric theme where players have to complete tasks, just like in an MMORPG. Along with this, we will look at cool cut scenes that are made on the game engine but with anime inserts. We play as Captain Monkey D. Luffy, who continues to stretch and contract like Mister Fantastic. It helps to colourfully beat groups of opponents, as well as large bosses.

Outside of assignments, when we fight, Fighting Path turns into a third-person action game. The graphics are great, but there are in-game currency and local loot boxes. By the way, here we can navigate the sea on a sailing ship. Sometimes you can find English and Chinese texts here. The main goal is to pump the character and recruit heroes to your team.

One Piece Fighting Path will be released on iOS and Android on April 22nd. This will happen, especially in China. Now you can pre-register through TapTap… It will be a shareware project with all that it implies.

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