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One State: RP is another under-SAMP on iOS and Android

If you like the open world and want to play Grand Theft Auto, but only on smartphones, then One State: RP is not your choice.

One State: RP is a mobile project available on Google Play Canada; There is no global release information, and the App Store lists April 30th as the release date. I must say right away – do not believe the screenshots, because in reality the developers themselves wrote the game engine, reminiscent of typical SAMPs. That is, you choose a profession, get on a moped and conquer the city.

Of course, in One State: RP there are sports cars, but not a single car is licensed, only purely domestic Zhigul. Players are offered different models to play the role, although all roads lead to work as a courier, and then a taxi driver. In terms of such jobs as mayor, police officer, military man, and so on, nothing is known yet.

The developers of One State: RP promise maps that fit tens of thousands of players, and they have several cities and suburbs. There are no strict rules, only for some the project may not start – you need to test it individually on Android.

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