The guys from Behavior Interactive continue to delight fans of horror games and films. Dead by Daylight Mobile will be featuring a famous killer maniac named Freddy Krueger today. He first appeared in the film series “A Nightmare on Elm Street”, Which was rebooted in 2010. As in the films, Kruger’s main feature is to lure victims to sleep. Initially, they have a nightmare, where Freddie tries to catch up with the victim and leaves cuts on his body. Then the victim tries to stay awake for a long time but eventually turns off and gets into a real nightmare, from which it is already impossible to get out alive.

Freddie becomes especially dangerous in his sleep: there, and he manipulates the minds of the players. For example, they can scream from terrible visions, thereby revealing themselves. Krueger can also place “Phantom Barriers”; when activated, such an obstacle is immediately destroyed and turns into blood. A failed treatment, a sleeping ally, or an alarm clock will help you get out of sleep.

In addition to the killer Freddie, Quentin Smith’s character will be added to Dead by Daylight Mobile. This is useful support in a close-knit game: it increases the chances of survival for others, helping to quickly move away from certain ailments.

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