Online Gaming Risks and How You Can Protect Yourself

The gaming industry has exploded with an unforeseen velocity. The pandemic forced gaming enthusiasts to explore more online video games, and non-gamers started playing online as a means to beat the continual boredom from lockdowns. Additionally, eSports betting has made a fantastically colossal splash.

The gaming industry is estimated to grow to a brain-searing $1.6 billion by 2023, with over three billion players participating in online games. Some cybercriminals are taking advantage of unsuspecting gamers just wanting to relax and play eSports games online. For this reason, we need to protect ourselves. The best way to do this is to set up a location specific proxy, like an Australian proxy.

In this article, we’ll explore why eSports enthusiasts have become an attractive target to cybercriminals, the threats you face as an online gamer, the solutions available today to protect yourself, and most importantly, your money.

Why Are Gamers Easy Targets

Hackers are ready to attack the online gaming industry, and some players may have been attacked already without even knowing it. Let’s explore the top four reasons why gamers are seen as cash cows to these misfits.

Increase in Online Purchases

You automatically leave a digital footprint whenever you use platforms such as EA Origin and Steam to purchase games. Hackers attack these sites to access your financial information, such as your credit card or bank account information. With the right software, a hacker can access this information in a matter of seconds.

The Popularity of Online Games

Not so very long ago, we used to play our video games offline. Today, we share our gaming experiences with millions of gamers online. Consequently, we’ve made our devices and their data vulnerable to attacks.

The increased demand for online gaming has prompted the development of hundreds of digital gaming platforms. A sophisticated hacker can easily find vulnerabilities in any of these with the right malicious motivation and software.

Gigantic eSports Events

The explosion of gigantic eSports events and online gaming has opened up significant opportunities for hackers to exploit and access public Wi-Fi networks at conventions and competitions.

Increased Online eSports Betting

Online eSports betting is big business in the 21st century. The pandemic definitely had a role in this too. Today, kids revere eSports players as heroes as opposed to the traditional football, basketball, or baseball players from the previous century.

Winners of eSport tournaments have their own rankings. Johan Sundstein, AKA N0tail, has accumulated earnings of over $7 million. The most in overall eSports earnings of all time. Of course, enthusiasts want to partake in the excitement.

Online eSports betting sites employ SSL encryption tools that are unhackable, but you’d rather be safe than sorry. The latest investigation found that hackers have started to use quantum computers to hack anything they can.

How Can You Reduce Your Security Risks

One way to reduce your risks is setting up a proxy, a location specific proxy, like an Australian proxy, can help you bypass restrictions, select locations closest to gaming servers and more.. When setting up an Australian proxy, you’ll get many other advantages such as security and privacy. The great thing about a proxy is that you won’t even notice that it’s running in the background.

Bypass Geo-Location Restrictions

An Australian proxy, or other location proxy, will ensure that you bypass regional or geo-restrictions. Geo-blocked locations are the most frustrating occurrence that gamers face. Some gaming platforms are only available to specific regions.

A proxy quickly removes this frustration by changing your IP to a virtual location of your choice. You’ll be able to access games from anywhere around the globe. Plus, the proxy also makes your connection faster and significantly more efficient.

Censorship Issues

Some countries have censorship pertaining to certain content. With a proxy, you’ll be able to bypass any censorship placed on the game you want to play. Uncensored games typically are much better to play since they are how the developers intended them to be.


An Australian proxy guarantees your security and privacy online. The tool hides your IP making it impossible for you to be tracked. The proxy acts as the gatekeeper between you and the gaming platform or the online eSports betting site.

More Efficient Connection Routes

A proxy creates shorter connection routes, making your connection faster and more efficient. Each gaming platform has a server; the further away you are from the server, the slower your connection. You’ll be able to select the most efficient gaming server and connect to it directly, thereby increasing your connection’s efficiency and improving your gameplay. A good proxy server can keep uptimes up to 99.998%, which will allow you to miss no game time.

Paying Less For Games

With a residential proxy, you can shop around for the best prices for a certain game. It’s a fact that some countries charge more for games than others. Get the best online deals by changing your location IP address with the proxy. You’ll be glad you did!


If you’re eager to jump into the eSport scene, make sure you have the right protection measures in place.Using a good proxy service will improve your online gaming experience, while also adding security and privacy to your network.

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