Open pre-registration for Play Together: mini-games and virtual acquaintances

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If you know Sky: Children of the Light, you will understand the essence of Play Together. Here players run around the city, make friends and participate in mini-games. This is such a virtual Disneyland. Sometimes you have to work in a pizzeria (delivering pizza like Spider-Man). For completing tasks, players receive in-game bucks, crowns and other currency. There are pets here, they hatch from eggs, you need to take care of them. The English localization is lame: they say that we will get a bicycle, and in the picture a skateboard.

In the local world, day changes to night and so on, but this does not depend on the server time. Players can build their own house and even have neighbors. Not without a season pass with two routes: free and premium. Sometimes you have to go to school, only after sunset zombies appear there.

Play Together will be released on iOS and Android. Pre-registration on Google Play is now available. In some regions (Southeast Asia) the game has already appeared. The global version for iOS will be released at the end of 2021.

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