The developers of the multiplayer action game War Thunder have announced a themed winter update in the game.

It added six new rare war machines to the game:

  • Italian Ro.57 Quadriarma fighter;
  • French wheeled tank EBR 75;
  • Japanese sea hunter Type K-8 (1942);
  • Soviet MiG-21 PFM,
  • wheeled tank Class 3;
  • heavy cruiser USS Baltimore (CA-68).

Operation tasks Z.I.M.A. are performed during random land, air, or sea battles and are awarded various prizes, including coupons for new vehicles. Players can use these coupons to unlock vehicles for their accounts or sell them to other Gaijin Market players.

The event runs until January 11 and includes an in-game sale, holiday effects for vehicles, many social media contests, etc.

A complete list of prizes and more detailed information about the event are available on the official website.

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