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The PUBG: NEW STATE announcement looked rather odd from the start, given the popularity of PUBG Mobile. Why another game? How will they compete with each other? Will the first game be abandoned after the new one is released? These and other questions were pursued right up to the release itself, and, however, some of them still haunt. After the project was officially released on iOS and Android, I decided to play a few matches and share my first impressions. It should be noted that this mini-article is not a complete overview with an analysis of all the mechanics. Just a brief personal opinion about the new product, which may not coincide with yours.

First, let’s answer an important question: “How is PUBG: NEW STATE different from PUBG Mobile?” In short, the setting. The action of the novelty takes place in the not too distant future, and this has a slight effect on the environment and gameplay. On the one hand, it feels pretty fresh, but on the other hand, during the game, the thought did not leave me that this was just a patched PUBG Mobile.

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Don’t get me wrong, the changes are really cool, and after PUBG: NEW STATE, the past game already feels outdated. The graphics have become more beautiful (although the soapy textures remain), the sounds and interface have been improved, a lot of new gameplay mechanics have appeared, and in general, the game is a little more pleasant. The ability to earn money during a match and buy items with it, like in Warzone, is also a very useful feature. However, this does not in any way attract a separate project, which is intended to be an alternative, not a replacement.

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Take, for example, the ability to recruit a knocked out opponent. The feature is really interesting, and several times it helped me out great, but does it change the gameplay globally? I do not think. The new map is also quite elaborate and with its own characteristics, and the already familiar Erangel has undergone various cosmetic changes. But this should not be surprising either, because sometimes new cards appear in the original and old ones are improved.

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In my opinion, for PUBG: NEW STATE to be worthy of being called a separate game, it should have more significant changes, and not minor, albeit pleasant improvements. After all, this is not an annual Call of Duty-style conveyor belt, but a free project with long-term support. Add, for example, different characters, like in Apex Legends, each with unique abilities. Make all the environment and weapons more futuristic – after all, we have a future. Add more verticality to the gameplay, after all. It is clear that many PUBG Mobile fans did not approve of such innovations, but they should not, since the original remains for them, which is still supported. This is a separate project, and therefore should give a completely different experience. And so we get that the developers released the same game, only better in some aspects.

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Despite all of the above, it’s hard to call PUBG: NEW STATE a bad game. By and large, this is the same PUBG Mobile, which just received a massive patch. In my opinion, the project is in almost everything better than its predecessor, so if you do not mind losing the accumulated progress and you want to try something new and at the same time similar, then feel free to download. It is also suitable for those who are just going to join this universe. However, you expect something more from the new game, which also takes place in a different setting.

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