Oriental Tales: Genshin Impact Gets Huge Patch 3.0

During Gamescom 2022, publisher HoYoVerse revealed a trailer featuring Genshin Impact’s new region, Sumeru. If you were missing Dendro characters, now everything will change.

Patch 3.0 has been released for Genshin Impact, which opens a new page for the Adventurers. The first thing they will receive is maintenance compensation in the amount of 600 Primogems at least (must be rank 5 or higher). You can spend them on new characters that came to Genshin along with the Dendro region, Sumeru. Judging by the trailer from Gamescom 2022, the new biome gravitates towards the Eastern setting, evoking memories of Prince of Persia.

A word of advice – if you see a large tree in the middle of Sumeru, be sure to go up to it and give offerings to receive the treasures of the forest.

In the new region of Genshin, you need to upgrade your reputation with NPCs in order to unlock various rewards. In addition, you can send expeditions to Sumeru that take place offline. Now let’s talk about the new characters:

  • Tignari – 5-star Dendro Hero with Ranged Weapons. This is a young scientist who understands botany and deals Dendro damage in an area using active skills. Tignari will appear in the standard Wanderlust Prayer in the next version;
  • Collei – 4-star Dendro character with ranged weapons. It is also aimed at dealing maximum damage;
  • Dory – 4-star Electro-hero with two-handed weapons. It deals damage in an area and also restores HP and energy of other heroes.

New Dungeons

  • Tower of Contemptible Pride – unlocked after reaching Rank 22 and gives weapon upgrade materials;
  • tower of ignorance – opens together with the previous tower, but already gives materials for increasing talents;
  • Spire of lonely enlightenment – gives artifacts from the “Dense Forest Memories”, “Gilded Dreams” sets;
  • Under the shade of an umbrella — becomes available after Rank 20 and gives Source Stones, Dendro seals and other rewards;
  • Fragment of children’s dreams — opens after Rank 24 and gives the same rewards as the previous dungeon;
  • dark valley – this dungeon is already for more pumped heroes (minimum rank 28), but the rewards are the same;
  • Sun and rain coordinates  – the most difficult dungeon, as it opens after rank 32. Gives the same rewards as the previous 3 dungeons.

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