Origins switched to Unreal Engine 5

20330 Origins switched to Unreal Engine 5

Studio AntiMatter Games decided to change the engine of the tactical shooter IGI: Origins. Instead of Unreal Engine 4, the game will use the more modern Unreal Engine 5. As the developers noted, this should have a positive effect on the project.

“We are happy to announce that we have moved to Unreal Engine 5! We are sure that the transition to a new, more advanced engine will have a significant impact on our games and will allow us to deliver on our promises. To that end, we will switch to a new engine and focus our development efforts on providing the best gaming experience for IGI: Origins. The game has already received huge support from our community, and we can’t wait to share new experiences with you,” said Rich Barham, CEO of AntiMatter Games.

The announcement of IGI: Origins took place in 2019, and the release was originally scheduled for 2021 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game is a prequel to the shooter Project IGI: I’m Going In, released back in 2000, and reveals more information about the main characters and organizations. At the moment, the availability of multiplayer is not officially confirmed.

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Origins switched to Unreal Engine 5

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