Ostriv download torrent For PC

Ostriv download torrent For PC Ostriv download torrent For PC

Ostriv download torrent

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It’s hard to believe, but Ostriv was developed by only one person, and this did not stop him from making such a wonderful project, download via torrent to learn more about it. This video game is dedicated to the construction of the village of the Slavs around the second half of the 19th century and has excellent elaboration and clear details. This video game is classified as a city-building strategy, in which we are invited to become the head of the city and in fact show all our creative skills and professionalism as a leader. The author invites us to immerse ourselves in the company to decide the fate of the whole country, and if you do not want to take on such responsibility, then have fun in the sandbox mode.


This game can rightfully be considered very exciting, and the fact that events unfold in a different era can undoubtedly broaden one’s horizons. The main and impressive difference from rivals in this genre is the exceptional freedom of construction. You have the opportunity not to stick to right angles, because the landscape is three-dimensional. You can build structures as you see fit and acceptable, and the most pleasant thing is to construct a truly flourishing and vibrant city. I would like to touch on the topic of the behavior of the inhabitants, they behave believably and are endowed with individual characteristics and dreams. In addition, prosperous and enterprising residents will gradually appear, who will eventually create their own business and begin to hire workers. You will take on the role of the head of the settlement and will directly manage the imposition of taxes and the adoption of laws, but you should not be too bitter, otherwise you can provoke the wrath of the people.

Game process

In Ostriv, the bar of this specificity is greatly raised, unprecedented features have been added and annoying restrictions have been eliminated, download via torrent to see everything with your own eyes. Here you are given the opportunity to plan everything in a natural way without being tied to cells. The main goal of the developer was to make the participant’s creation a bright and believable village in which there can be a variety of situations related to people, this makes the gameplay even more fun. You’ll get 26 main buildings available, three maps, the ability to farm or raise livestock, improve roads, timely change of seasons, standard trading, and much more that will surprise you. An unforgettable time awaits you.

Distinctive features of Ostriv

  • Here you have the opportunity to organize your own cities and engage in trade with neighbors by land, and with distant ones by water. You can also tax and create political laws and see what happens.
  • Here you will see a game engine that has no analogues and was written specifically for this project. This helps to provide the most detailed simulation, including the change of seasons, which directly affects the nature around you, economic changes and human factors.
  • Every citizen has his own motivations and set of skills. This is how unique connections are created.
  • Here you will be able to observe how your villagers organize their lives: they create social cells, choose a job they like that suits their skills, engage in the production and sale of things, and gradually grow as individuals.
  • Despite this, they can become embittered and use violence in Ostriv if their basic requirements are ignored, download via torrent to prove yourself as a great leader.


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