Outriders: character class guide

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After completing the intense prologue of Outriders, you are faced with a choice of path – or class, which you want to play. There are four of them, each of which is adapted to a specific style of play. Whether you are playing alone or with friends, this decision is made once per playthrough. And if it’s hard for you to choose the best class for yourself, then our guide will help you – we played a lot with all four and below, we will be happy to share everything we learned, analyzing them in more detail.

Each class has unique melee attacks and special skills, but all classes can use the same weapons. It is not limited in any way, so you can take a sniper rifle even if you play a melee-oriented Trickster, or an automatic shotgun if you play a Technomancer – all options are open to you, and the equipment does not depend on the class in any way. Of course, some types of weapons and modifications for certain classes are better for certain classes, but you can still use any.

Before we get started, it’s worth noting that Outriders is primarily a co-op game, so all classes are good and eventually become strong. It’s up to you to decide how you want to play.


  • Distant battle. Support. Gadgets
  • Restores health by dealing any damage to an enemy.

A weak class at first, using a variety of gadgets that it can summon. You start with a grenade and then open a turret – those are your main abilities. It’s important to understand that in Outriders, long range isn’t all that far – anything beyond 10 meters is included – so this class is best for those who want to play like a cover shooter.

Also, as new abilities are unlocked, this class becomes very powerful. It is very difficult for them to play alone at the beginning, but against bosses and strong enemies, he is very good. In order not to die, you will have to constantly use cover, but you will be able to summon various devices such as turrets that will help you in battle. If you prefer sniper rifles and machine guns, or just like to play cover shooters, then this class is perfect for you.


Outriders: character class guide

  • Medium distances. Caster. Flame.
  • Restores health by killing enemies with fire.

A mid-range active class that is great for dealing AoE damage in a variety of ways. It’s especially good for killing groups of standard enemies – all of the Pyromancer’s attacks go through cover, so you can smoke out enemies with fire and blow them up for a significant amount of health points.

The disadvantage of the Pyromancer is that compared to other classes, he is quite frail – he has the lowest initial amount of health points. If you don’t use cover and don’t deal a lot of damage to enemies at medium range, he can die fairly quickly. In addition, he is not very good against bosses or strong single enemies – at least compared to other classes. But at the same time, it remains a good all-round option for players who like to play aggressively using a variety of weapons.

After unlocking the three main abilities, the Pyromancer can deal continuous damage to all enemies on the battlefield without even looking at them. His attacks go through cover, finishing quite far and burning enemies over time. Therefore, you will need to find good cover to kill them while they are burning.


Outriders: character class guide

  • Close combat. Swoop attacks. Space-time.
  • Melee kills heal you and restore your shield.

The most melee class in Outriders is like an assassin from another dimension. His first ability is an elemental sword strike that slows and interrupts all targets. Trickster’s normal melee attacks (both normal and running) have an area of ​​effect and slow all enemies that hit it.

Even better, Trickster can get a shield. When killing enemies at close range or using melee abilities, he gains additional protection, which makes him much stronger than he usually looks. This is a silent killer, but after several victims, he becomes the second most powerful class in the game.

In addition, the Trickster has special defensive abilities such as the Slow Trap, which releases a large shield bubble. Everything that gets inside slows down – including bullets flying at you. Very useful against pesky elite enemies that are healing. You will eventually get teleportation abilities that allow you to easily move around the battlefield while picking up shields.


Outriders: character class guide

  • Close combat. Thug. Living shield.
  • Restores health when killing enemies with melee attacks (10 yards).

The Unstoppable Destroyer is your team’s tank. This brute deals melee damage and charges into battle furiously, diverting attention from lesser allies. The Destroyer’s main ability is Golem, which greatly reduces damage for 8 seconds. In addition, he has the maximum starting health. A great class if you are not interested in such nonsense as “covers” and want to fight in open combat.

Due to its greater survivability, the Destroyer is also well suited for solo players. Though his melee attacks are not as effective as Pyromancer and Trickster, where they inflict additional effects. He is simple and unpretentious. You absorb damage and deal it with melee attacks. The class’s first ability is Earthquake, which travels through cover and has roughly the same range as the Pyromancer’s starting ability.

In the future, the Destroyer becomes incredibly strong thanks to the Bullet Reflection ability. If you want to clear entire rooms of enemies without even attacking them, this skill is probably one of the best in the game.

Summing up, we can say that every class in Outriders is effective and strong enough in capable hands. And who are you playing?

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