Overboard! – a game about catching a criminal on iOS, PC and Nintendo Switch, but you did it

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July, 1935. On the SS Hook, someone committed a murder, and that someone is you. There are people on board who suspect you. It is necessary to remove all evidence and convince others of your innocence. And in this matter, as in war, all means are good: you can blackmail a spy, fall in love, kill, cheat with cards, give a witness to drink, and so on. Players will need to be smart to confuse the rest.

Overboard Developers! position the game as a “new generation visual novel”: you can go anywhere, whenever you want and say any thing. Other characters are not static objects; they move and act independently of each other and the player. You will have eight hours for everything about everything, and with every minute the time is running out. One playthrough lasts about 30-45 minutes, but the perfect crime will take much longer.

Overboard! is already available on iOS, PC and Nintendo Switch. This is a premium project, the issue price is different; minimum – on Steam with a 10% discount. Nothing is known about the Android version. There is no Russian localization.

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