Overview of the M22 Locust in War Thunder

As you know, the first pancake was lumpy, and so it happened with the light tank Locust (locust). Therefore, we will figure out in our article how it happened and whether it is so in War Thunder.

History of the M22 Locust

When cargo aviation made a huge leap in the early 40s, high ranks with military epaulettes got the opportunity to deliver their troops to places where the enemy did not expect them, for example, in the deep rear or a hard-to-reach point behind enemy fortifications and defense lines. The problem was that the soldiers were parachuted, as a rule, only with personal small arms, without any anti-tank weapons, well, at most a grenade launcher, with a couple of shots to it. This fact, of course, greatly limited the scope of such units.

Therefore, the military has matured a new brilliant idea. Create a light tank with the ability to transport by air in assembled form, to support the landing. The green light was given to the project in 1941, but the production of the tank began from 1943 to 1944 even before it was put into service and only 830 vehicles were assembled, 260 of which were received by the UK under Lend-Lease.

Unfortunately, America did not have aircraft that could deliver the M22 in a fully assembled form, as a rule, for this it was necessary to transport the tank turret inside the aircraft, and the tank itself on an external sling. Only the British had gliders capable of carrying the tiny Locust in its entirety. The M22 was used in combat only once when crossing the Rhine in Operation Varsity. Moreover, only half of the 12 vehicles made it to the landing site due to enemy anti-aircraft fire.

Mal, yes daring!

But that is history, and in our game, the baby Locust is not going to be thrown anywhere, especially from the accounts.
Tiny Locust has one of the best dynamics in War Thunder, almost 26 hp/ton. This speed and mobility is his main weapon. Very often, experienced players take advantage of this quality and severely punish opponents with their sudden appearance right behind them.

The main thing to remember is that even hail breaks through our armor, not like bullets and shells. All the armor that can at least somehow repel a projectile is located in the tower, and the VLD is located at a rather serious angle. All she can do is protect the frontal projection from machine-gun fire, but anti-aircraft guns, even from medium distances, pierce the M22 confidently. Otherwise, you should only rely on the fact that the projectile will fly by and not notice the crew or the ammo rack inside your tank.

The M6 ​​37mm gun can penetrate 90% of the vehicles in our game in the stern or side. It is recommended to use a standard projectile, which does not have an armor-piercing tip, it should be enough for you to hit most targets. The rate of fire is just crazy, as much as 3 seconds of reloading. There is only one minus and it significantly spoils the overall positive picture – this is an armored effect, it is simply terrible. It is also worth writing down the mediocre horizontal guidance speed and disgusting stabilization of the gun as a minus.

M22 Tactics

From the above, we can conclude that this is a second-line machine. Yeah, the second line, which is behind the enemy. The tank has an extremely small size and it is very easy to hide it in the bushes or terrains of the map. Of course, it is desirable to cover it completely with bushes, although one large bush on the VLD is enough for you to disguise the car. You need to take a position in advance, as far as possible behind the line of fire contact between your teams, from the side of the enemy.

Wait for the moment when the enemy starts a fight and is distracted by your allies. And voila! The dish is ready! Juicy, fat and thin stern armor plates are served. Warm up three times over low heat and the fragment is ready. No matter what the combat rating is, you almost always have a chance to shoot big game. The main thing is to stock up on arrogance and patience, because you will not be forgiven for mistakes.


The M22 Locust is an extremely fun and versatile machine that can be deployed on Thursday as a retaliation weapon when your M60 blows up some T-64. The main thing, as already mentioned, is to have the audacity and patience, and of course a bit of luck. Oh yes! Do not forget to shout “For the Airborne Forces!”

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