Overwatch 2 developers answer questions from users

Blizzard held Q&A session on Reddit, dedicated to the upcoming multiplayer first-person shooter Overwatch 2. The topic has collected a large number of questions from users, and some of them have been answered by the developers. We have collected the most interesting ones for you below:

  • All currency from Overwatch (credits, tokens) will be transferred to Overwatch 2.
  • The loot boxes won’t carry over because they won’t be in the sequel at all. Instead, you will automatically receive all items from unopened loot boxes.
  • Credits will not become the main currency in Overwatch 2. There will be things that cannot be bought for them.
  • Some cards from the first part will be removed, but they will still be allowed to be used in custom matches. However, the developers do not exclude the possibility of their return in a revised form.
  • The Escort variation of Hanamura shown in the trailer was just a prototype. It won’t make it into the final version.
  • The developers want to add more social features to Overwatch 2, and the clan system is one of the priorities right now.
  • A system of in-game tournaments is under development.
  • Initially, the game will be released in “Early Access”, as many things should appear later, with the release of updates.
  • The main goal of Symmetra’s future changes is to improve her mobility and enable her to better respond to the faster 5v5 pace. The authors did not disclose all the details, but it is already known that she will be able to set up a teleport faster, and the speed of alternative fire projectiles will increase.
  • The description of abilities in the help window (F1) has been changed. Perhaps more details will be added in the future.
  • The new player table shows much more information.
  • The team is currently discussing the need to add a feature to disable screen shake.
  • Developers like to hide plot Easter eggs on the maps and encourage you to carefully study the locations.
  • The map of Portugal has some very interesting connections to the lore as well as other places. There are hints of a new faction – perhaps even one that is associated with an unannounced hero.
  • There will be no full reset of MMR at the release of Overwatch 2. However, MMR will be slightly reduced for those players who have not logged into the first part for a long time.
  • There are no repetitive quests in the Battle Pass that force you to play as certain heroes. Instead, players can complete unlimited challenges that are more like achievements. The developers want to offer players several leveling options to focus on.
  • A large number of Damage heroes is due to the fact that they were previously divided into two classes – Attack and Defense.
  • The team understands that the support lineup needs more variety and plans to focus on that, but they are not going to stop adding Damage characters due to their large number.
  • The possibility of changing Brigitte’s skills, especially her ult, is being considered.
  • In the first part, there were about 1200 lines of heroes before the start of the match. Overwatch 2 added 1800 more new ones.
  • The Battle Pass will cost 1000 VC. The Observation Post Pack will include, among other things, the first Battle Pass and 2,000 more VC.
  • At the second CBT, players will finally be able to see the new skins of the heroes.
  • In the profile history, you can see key information about past matches, such as map, mode, result, and heroes. Additional functionality will be added in the future, including team battle statistics and a timeline showing when key events took place.
  • If the Queen of the Vultures does not have a knife in her hands, then in close combat she beats with her fist.
  • There are no account levels in Overwatch 2.
  • Moira will be making a few changes to make her even more useful, but they won’t be in CBT 2.
  • In cross-platform matches, console players do not have aim assist. By the way, many users criticized this developer’s answer.
  • Crossplay does not work in ranked matches.
  • There are plans for text-to-speech and speech-to-text communication features in Overwatch 2.

The second phase of the Overwatch 2 closed beta test will begin on June 28, and until then, you can apply on the official website. All invitations will be sent out by July 14th.

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