Overwatch: Hanamura map guide. Part 1

This guide will allow you to learn about the most effective tactics and positions that are available in this location.

Hanamura is a standard map with two dots. The match lasts 5-10 minutes, depending on the state of object “A”. Keeping the defense here is not too difficult, but the cases are different. It is for such situations that this guide was created, which will help you make your defense outstanding.

Object “A”

The entire defense process at this point can be conditionally divided into two stages. The first is gate protection.


It needs a tank. Orisa and Reinhardt are best suited, their shields will completely block the passage and allow you to freely fire. It is desirable to have defenders, Widow or Hanzo are able to take a position at the window on the right. They will be able not only to shoot enemies at the entrance, but also will not allow them to fly into the Fare point.

Other advocates are also welcome. Bastion or Thorbjorn are great. The player who took one of them must stay at the facility and defend it from single invaders. An attack aircraft will also come in handy. The soldier will be able to both effectively attack opponents and heal surrounding allies near the gate. You can also take the Reaper, Tracer or Sombra, any of this trinity is able to quickly get behind the opponents, deal damage and hide. Well, support heroes, of course. Symmetra can place turrets at the entrance to the facility, and healers will provide their team with a supply of health.


Keeping the defense in the goal for a long time rarely comes out, so the action will probably quickly move to the object. It’s a little more difficult to keep it. The composition may remain the same. Defenders should take positions in the corners, Widowmaker is able to climb up and shoot from there, you can still stand at the entrance to the building to the left of the object, the view will be less, but you can go unnoticed for a long time. The main thing at this point is to remain vigilant, opponents can enter from any direction.

Object “B”

If point “A” is still lost, then the whole team should quickly run back. Don’t waste time fighting outside of the last objective or you risk leaving the target defenseless.

Inside the building there is everything you need for effective defense. Balconies from above can be occupied by defenders, tanks should block the main path. The side passages remain open in any case, but only one of them leads directly to the point, and only some heroes are able to pass through it.

There are several first aid kits near the object, it is easier for the attacking team to get to them, so you should take care of this. The first aid kit under the bridge can be hacked by Sombra, it will be ineffective to defend it in any other way due to its location. Another one is in a small room on the left, where you can put a trap and a mine. The medkit on the right is well protected by Symmetra’s turrets. Healers should stay on the spot (the exception is Ana) and pay almost all attention to the health of the tanks, without them, the next ult of the enemy may be the last for you. Your main task is not to scatter and try to correctly select heroes for the situation and your own capabilities.

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