Overwatch: Junkstein’s Revenge Mode Guide

Overwatch 2 Overwatch: Junkstein's Revenge Mode Guide

Since this mode has returned to the game for a while, it would be fair to consider it in more detail.

Team gathering

In the main version of the choice mode, you don’t have four players and four characters. They let you play as McCree, Ana, Hanzo and Soldier. There is another version of this brawl, where the choice is richer in every way. Zenyatta should be taken as a healer, he heals better and deals more damage. The defender should be Thorbjorn, he obviously drags in this mode. There are two more attack aircraft left, but Genji has been added to the already available options, the choice is yours.


Overwatch: Junkstein's Revenge Mode Guide

What happens in this mode is very different from what you are used to seeing in Overwatch. You have to fight with artificial intelligence. And not just fight, but also protect the gate. Most of the representatives of the enemy team are Zombies. These guys will not be a threat to you, but they always appear in large crowds, if you do not notice them, you can say goodbye to your gate. Zombardiers are not terrible for the gates, but they will shoot at you. This is not too scary, but in the heat of battle, they can be ignored and paid for this mistake with victory. The last of the smaller threats is Electrobus. This thing occasionally rolls out from one of the three sides, the game will warn you about this. Try to break it right away, and not rely on the rest, it deals colossal damage on goal. It’s not difficult at all, a couple of well-aimed shots are enough.


They rarely come, but each of their appearance is a problem. The weakest of them is the Horseman (Reaper). He does the same as in other modes, the joint work of four players will not leave him a chance. Problems will start towards the end, when two or even three Horsemen can enter the field. In such a situation, it is worth focusing all your attention on destroying them, but do not forget about the gate.

mwrmmtoym7 Overwatch: Junkstein's Revenge Mode Guide

Junkstein’s monster (Roadhog) will bring much more trouble. It’s not just about the huge amount of health that he can restore. If you do not want him to heal faster than you damage him, then attack him together, preferably aiming for the head.

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Next, you have to meet with the Sorceress (Symmetra). She always comes out on the left and puts a generator on top, someone from the team should immediately go and break it, but without intersecting with the villain herself, her beam will not let you get bored.

overwatch halloween 5 Overwatch: Junkstein's Revenge Mode Guide

Krysenstein (Krysavchik) himself, of course, will not make you wait. He appears ahead on the balcony, from there he successfully throws grenades at the players, but this is not scary at all, killing him is a simple matter.

Real troubles will come along with the Witch (Angel). She immediately resurrects all the characters of the enemy (which is a little strange when you think about recent patches), and then heals them. Of course, all attention should be focused on her, and then deal with her servants.

Not as difficult as it seems

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To win, of course, you need the coordinated work of all players. Try not to forget about the gate, break the wheels and gradually deal with all the troubles.

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