Paintman Go takes inspiration from Splatoon

Paintman Go is a mobile game with an emphasis on multiplayer. In it, 8 players are divided into 2 teams and participate in battles in medium-sized locations. Their task is to decorate the field in the color of their team in about 1-2 minutes and destroy the rivals.

Clearly, Paintman Go takes its cue from the Splatoon series, which is exclusive to the Nintendo ecosystem. If your team wins, you are given a rating, experience and gold. Note that in addition to participating in matches, you need to improve your character; this applies not only to skins, but also to the purchase of new weapons.

An early version of Paintman Go is available on Android in Taiwan. There is no English and, especially, Russian language, but it is not necessary, since the plot as such is absent. I am glad that in each match there will be a new location, well, in addition to pure painting over a large area, you will be asked to focus on the center; perhaps this will allow resurrection there.

Often, to open new items in Paintman Go, you will need to open loot boxes.

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