Partial English voice acting for Swords of Legends Online will appear on the second closed beta

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If you participated in the first closed beta testing of the western version of the MMORPG Swords of Legends Online, or just watched the gameplay (for example, on our stream), you may have noticed the lack of English voice acting. All the characters spoke Chinese just like the original version.

One would assume that this was intended, but no. As the community manager of the game under the nickname Phaendar explained in the official Discord channel, a partial translation of the voice acting will appear already at the second stage of the closed beta, which will take place from June 1 to June 9. While many of the lines will remain in Chinese, this will allow players to appreciate the quality of the localization.

The upcoming testing will be open to users who have placed a pre-order, as well as those who received keys in various raffles and giveaways. Participants in the first stage automatically go to the second.

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