Patch 2.0, transition to Free-to-Play and release in Russia — Everything you need to know about the changes in Swords of Legends Online

Not so long ago, the Gameforge studio announced a number of important changes for the Western version of the MMORPG Swords of Legends Online. The game will receive a major update 2.0 The Firestone Legacy, along with which there will be a transition to a free distribution model, as well as a release in Russia and the CIS countries. Below is a short list with all the important information.

About update 2.0

  • The Firestone Legacy update will release on February 24 and will be free for everyone.
  • New Fox Mage class. He is a spellcaster who uses the powers of thorns, flowers, and plants to deal damage and support allies. This class will be available for characters with the new female body type.
  • New Warrior class. Separated into two separate subclasses: Crystal Warrior (male) and Spirit Warrior (female). Each of them has their own playstyles and new combat mechanics for tanks in any group or those who prefer the DPS role.
  • More character slots. The addition of slots will allow current players to try out new classes without removing old characters.
  • Increased max level. Previously, the level cap was 37, but in The Firestone Legacy, players will start as Apprentices until level 36, and become Sages at level 37. Players will then be able to level up as a Sage to improve their abilities.
  • Storyline advancement. The story of the game, which stopped at Chapter 10 of The Forbidden Court update, will continue. In The Firestone Legacy, players are waiting for two new chapters – 11 and 12.
  • New zones. A total of five new zones will be added:
    • Snowing Blossom Paradise is the starting area for the new Fox Mage and Warrior classes
    • Changhe Mountain – zone for getting new levels
    • Cloudscape – located behind the Langquan Bridge
    • Blade Peak – Located on Taihua Mountain
    • Changfu garden.
  • More activities for PvE and PvP. In The Firestone Legacy, players will find the following content:
    • 5 new dungeons for 5-10 players – Firestone Grave of Dreams, Rotting Grotto, Jubao Residence, Wuyu Hummock Forest and Heavenly Gate Labyrinth
    • 2 new raids for 10-20 players – Langquan Bridge and Taihua Instance.
    • New Astral Ravine map for 3v3 PvP mode
    • New map Go in the Snow for 10v10 PvP.
  • After the release of the update, publishers will continue to add new content regularly. For example, a new Archer class will appear in the game.

About the transition to Free-to-Play

  • As Gameforge explained, Swords of Legends Online attracted the attention of a very large number of people even before the release, but its cost turned out to be a factor that stopped many. By making the game free-to-play, the publishers open the doors to everyone and hope that this will help increase the number of players even more.
  • After the transition to Free-to-Play, absolutely all the content of the game will be available to everyone, including new, old and future, including new classes and zones.
  • As before, Swords of Legends Online in-game purchases will continue to carry purely decorative function. The Battle Pass will also remain as it was, with a free and premium version that will allow you to get seasonal items that only affect appearance.
  • To express our gratitude to all the players who supported the game at the very beginning, the publishers have prepared bonus set with items. It will be the same for owners of all three versions of the game, as players who purchase the Collector’s Edition and Deluxe Edition will keep the items included in those editions.
  • The Collector’s Edition and Deluxe Edition will continue to be available for purchase by those interested in obtaining the items included. Their value will drop as they no longer include the game itself.
  • All users who purchased the game between January 17, 2022 and prior to the announcement of The Firestone Legacy update will be able to request refund. If you return the money for purchasing access to the game, you will not be able to play until it goes to Free-to-Play. In-game purchases using premium currency are non-refundable.

About the launch in Russia and other countries

  • The full list of new regions in which the game will be available: the Russian Federation, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan, as well as territories with a limited status of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.
  • There will be no separate servers for Russia and other countries. Russian-speaking users will be able to choose one of the EU-servers. Publishers recommend to start playing on EU2.
  • Swords of Legends Online will translated into Russian over the next few months. Since The Firestone Legacy update will be very large, the publishers decided not to keep new players waiting, and give them the opportunity to try it out together with everyone, but for now in English. Voice acting will remain in English and Chinese.
  • New channels and sections for players from new regions will appear on the official Discord server and on the forum. But support will only be provided in English, German and French.
  • There will be no restrictions for players from new regions.

The release of The Firestone Legacy update for MMORPG Swords of Legends Online, as well as the transition to Free-to-Play and launch in Russia, are expected on February 24, 2022.

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