Patch 5.55 for MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV was released along with the version for PS5

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MMORPG Final Fantay XIV received update 5.55, adding new content and making many changes. You can find a complete list on the official website, and we will highlight only the most basic ones.

For the owners of the Shadowbringer expansion, new tasks for the main scenario have been added, the Chronicles of a New Era quests, as well as several side quests. There are new interior items, musical instruments, emotions and hairstyle. In addition, a new Zadnor Instance Skirmish and associated quest have been introduced.

With the release of Update 5.55, the PlayStation 5 version of Final Fantay XIV, which was in the OBT stage, reached release. It offers improved graphics, higher resolutions and frame rates, faster downloads, support for Dualsence controller features, and 3D audio.

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