Patch 6.18 for MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV will add new servers and a travel function to data centers

Square Enix is ​​going to add new servers for the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV in the upcoming patch 6.18. Especially for Europe, four game worlds will be added, two for each of the data centers:

  • Chaos – Sagittarius and Phantom;
  • light – Alpha and Raiden.

For Japan, the Meteor data center will be opened, but new servers will not appear. Instead, already existing worlds will be distributed to all data centers.

The long-awaited Data Center Travel feature will also be coming to Final Fantasy XIV with the release of the update. It will allow players to travel to absolutely any data center, even located in another region.

Update 6.18 is expected on July 5, 2022, but before that, maintenance will take place, which will last approximately 24 hours.

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