Path of Exile Mobile, Darkest Dungeon 2 and more upcoming iOS and Android games in 2021 (part 2)

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Hello mobile gamers and channel viewers AppTime… Waiting for a new video on the coolest mobile phones of 2021? We know, so keep the second part. We’ll tell you about a juicy alternative to Genshin Impact, a new PUBG, a sequel to one dark RPG, a real racing simulator and much more. If you want to see more of this, then squeeze your thumbs up and leave comments under the video. The first part can be viewed at the link. And we went!

Video version

Tower of fantasy

Genshin Impact has set a new trend: anime mobile phones with an open world and a small co-op. Meet the Tower of Fantasy. There are great graphics, camera staging and cool special effects, for example, raindrops on the screen. The beginning of the game is typical: there is a small cinematic, there is a lot of action; after that we have to choose the gender of the character. Instead of medieval fantasy, we will be placed in the future. The action is cool and dynamic, reminiscent of Spider-Man on the PlayStation.

The interface is not overloaded; during the races, you can climb walls and chop ore. We will probably see a deep pumping system and gacha elements. The local world is huge, filled with plants and animals. There are also large bosses; they teleport and fly into the air, and their blows knock us back. At the same time, some heroes can slow down time or climb onto the back of a giant. The bosses will have several phases. Feels like Warframe has been crossed with Genshin. We are waiting for the release.

PUBG: New State

The original PUBG developers decided to make New State. This is a mobile theme with a futuristic setting (events unfold in 2051). Until June 7, you can apply through Google Play to participate in the alpha test. Players will visit the TROI map; it has the size of Erangel, 8 by 8 kilometers. Krafton wants to test the servers, so we expect a large number of participants. One map will fit 100 survivors. The graphics will be improved compared to PUBG Mobile; this applies to realistic textures and lighting. Players will be able to control drones, roll, set up barricades, and so on.

Together with the rest of the lucky ones, AppTime will participate in the regional alpha test. We will tell you the juiciest information right from the battlefield. There will be cars whose doors will fall off, and huge bombs will be thrown on the ground. In general, it is worth waiting for the console level of PUBG, only on mobile phones. If they had added support for the controller, there would have been no price.

Darkest dungeon 2

The world has gone mad, the gutters are overflowing with poets, and decency is burning in the street. Yes, you got it right: one of the darkest RPGs – Darkest Dungeon – will get a sequel. This year’s development should give gamers early access. As for the appearance of the sequel, there are changes. First, 3D graphics will be shoved in there; the setting will remain in place, just the character models will become three-dimensional. Wondering what changes will affect the gameplay? On the one hand, the classic formula with turn-based battles is used by many, but the original was released in 2015 and the usual “reskin” will not work.

By the way, early access will be on PC through Epic Games, so Steam fans should urgently change flags. Probably the mobile version will be released either together with the release on all major platforms, or a little later. The most important thing is not to go crazy while waiting.

Payday: Crime War

Starbreeze was never able to release Crime War to smartphones, and all because of leftist movements with finance. These guys published Dead By Daylight, Payday 2, the cool shooter The Darkness and a couple of other projects. Let’s not forget about the sale of rights to System Shock 3. Now Starbreeze has partnered with the developers of shareware games. This means that Crime War will have an intrusive donation. The most interesting thing is that there are no dates, no CBT; the publisher is not ready to voice anything. The servers have been shut down since the previous test run. If all goes well, then some Southeast Asia will receive Crime War by the end of 2021.

Racing master

Chinese NetEase Games and English Codemasters are working on a cool racing simulator. Here, the controls are completely in the hands of the player: no taps for acceleration, gear shifting and braking. Sports cars are licensed: here Lamborgini, Porsche, Ferrari and other familiar brands. The graphics are juicy, and Unreal Engine 4 is responsible for it. Locations change as you drive: here you can find city roads and parks with Japanese cherry blossoms.

Players are waiting for circular races, pumping of spare parts and more. Up to eight real players participate in one race. That is, no “ghosts” and bots. The cities worth waiting for are Tokyo, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Guangzhou. Plus, this is an F2P project, that is, GRID and similar premium races will fade into the background.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales

Love The Witcher and tough decisions? Then you are definitely waiting for “Blood feud”. This is a cool story about the ruler of the two Kingdoms of the North, Rivia and Lyria. She is threatened with invasion, and the road to a difficult victory is strewn with losses and revenge. In general, the story is dark, it lasts about 30 hours. Players are waiting for 20 possible endings. During this time, they will be able to go through intriguing quests during which they also need to make decisions; and yes, they have consequences. The characters have their own character, their own demeanor. They are versatile and can become both friends and sworn enemies.

In addition to feuds, “Feud of Blood” offers battles with monsters. They attack the inhabitants, plus they hide in the hidden corners of the world of The Witcher. Well, they protect, of course, rare treasures. In the course of the passage, we will collect a deck of characters, because local battles are Gwent. Well, maybe CD Projekt RED when it wants.

Secret neighbor

The vicious neighbor continues to terrorize the kids, because they again decided to crawl into his house. This time in order to rescue his friend, who seemed to be locked in the basement. But you can’t just get there: the door is locked with several locks. That is, the guys need to find the keys and not fall into the clutches of the Neighbor. The problem is that he is hiding in the guise of a teenager. In fact, this is Among Us, only without a vote.

While tinyBuild is going to bring Secret Neighbor to iOS, they are having some problems with the Android version. They are generally reluctant to port the Hello Neighbor franchise to the evergreen platform. It is worth noting that the system requirements for Secret Neighbor are average – iPhone 8 Plus or iPad Pro from 2015.

Runescape mobile

The improved Runescape will hit mobiles in June. Players will be immersed in an uncomplicated plot: it is necessary to resist Evil. Since this is an MMORPG, you can fight both alone and with friends. This is a typical representative of the genre, so expect auto-features. And in general, developed in plain text say: “This is an AFK project.” At the same time, everyone will be able to choose their own path: a warrior, a robber, a farmer or some other hard worker.

NPCs are supposed to be different in character; you can make friends with someone, but you cannot walk to others without a sharp blade. The age rating is promised “16+”, which hints at obscene language and the presence of blood. Cosmetic awards are given for pre-registration.

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier

In general, Final Fantasy will be made into a battle royale. Yes, it’s not a cute jRPG with turn-based battles anymore, but it’s not your typical PUBG Mobile either. You see, local characters can do magic outside of Hogwarts. This includes healing, summoning creatures, and creating leap points. There are many locations with rooftops here, so expect stealthy campers. There are no special differences from other royal battles: the graphics are at the level of Asian MMORPGs, the interface covers the floor of the screen, and the players try to move and shoot at the same time. Fortunately, you can create a barrier or throw a fireball.

In addition to firearms and magic, First Soldier will add samurai swords for melee and world bosses for pumping. Probably we will see not just different models of heroes, but individual characters. Each of them will have to be pumped and carefully selected for cooperative battles. Conclusion: everyone will take damage and score on healers.

Path of Exile Mobile

Diablo Immortal will soon open the gates of Hell. She will have a competitor – Path of Exile. The mobile version has been made since 2017; so far there is no special information about her. The mobile phone is lore related to the original; at the very beginning, newcomers will be introduced to the local world. Separate starting acts are to be expected. The interface will be optimized for touch screens, and features and mechanics will be left unchanged. Whether the players will have to pump their hero on their own is a question. The fact is that it takes time, you need to understand skills and stats, but this is not very popular on mobile phones. Well, wait and see.

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