Path of Glory season 8 has started in Black Desert Mobile and the creation of the Order of Chaos has become available

Pearl Abyss announced the release of a content update for the mobile MMORPG Black Desert Mobile, the main content of which was the start of the 8th season of the Path of Glory and the possibility of creating the Order of Chaos.

Path of Glory is a unique BDM mode where players can choose up to six characters and face off against large hordes of monsters. Season 8 will last 12 weeks and features a new level of difficulty “17 Portal”, and therefore requires a special approach to the formation of the squad for passing. There are five waves of enemies in the fresh mode, and among them you can meet Karanda, Mad Leaders and other fighters with unique mechanics. Survival rewards include stat-boosting special emblems and a collectible Tus’ Lair Map Fragment. After collecting enough Scraps, you can summon the boss and earn even more bonuses.

As for the Order of Chaos, its creation will require a certain amount of luck or, if a guarantee of production is needed, unique resources. The final item will receive the enhancement indicators of the used ancient order.

Other innovations of the patch include the launch of many new events, various bug fixes, interface and balance changes.

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