Peak Angle Drift Online download torrent For PC

Peak Angle Drift Online download torrent

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Peak Angle Drift Online download torrent of an excellent multiplayer real-time racing simulator game. This is really a very exciting arcade game with adventure elements in which you need to show that you are a real racer and are sharpened only for speed. Show everyone who is the most adrenaline guy here. You are expected to win and achieve the highest results. So show them. The game was released for only one platform – for PCs based on the Windows operating system. Moreover, this simulator is already a good 4 years old, but even for such a long time, a large number of people play the game without ceasing.

Story line

The concept of Peak Angle Drift Online is based on multiplayer racing and battles between real players. This is an online client game where you will need to compete against a live opponent sitting at a computer on the other side of the wire. You can also invite a friend or buddy to play an awesome game together. The simulator is designed in such a way that you have to fight against each other one on one. Take part in numerous competitions, win them and take first places on the podium of respect. Break out into people by becoming the best racer in the in-game world. You have absolutely everything for this. Even if you are a beginner and far from being a professional in racing competitions, the game will help you achieve success. Go to the menu and select the “Training” tab. In this mode, you will be able to train yourself, improve and train in such a way that you will be a real ace in the racing business. After training and a complete training system, you will give odds to any professional racer who was born with a wheel in his hands. The game involves constant battles between real-life opponents. Thanks to a carefully crafted system of internet servers, you can play with a person from anywhere in the world, wherever you are. Have fun racing and competing, and then admire your own results in the online achievement system. The game is fully integrated with the Steam Internet platform. There you can show off your results to the whole world. Download the Peak Angle Drift Online torrent and you will obviously be satisfied, we guarantee you this.

Game process

Peak Angle Drift Online is a solid online multiplayer simulator with no storyline. In the game you will drive and drift a lot – this is the main principle of this simulator. Racing battles in completely different locations, chic gameplay and peaceful graphics – this is what distinguishes Peak Angle Drift Online from other similar games. Moreover, the network servers here are configured in a chic way that anyone will envy. Choose your racing car and start driving it, burning the tires of the wheels to the scrap. Upgrade your car doing tuning and styling. Fortunately, there are all the prerequisites and opportunities for this. You will have a luxurious hangar where you can make a real swallow out of your car. Which will not be ashamed to show people. But, the main thing is not beauty, but uniqueness. Try to squeeze the maximum out of your imagination and make a crazy car to make others jealous.

Features Peak Angle Drift Online

  • a lot of exciting races;
  • excellent locations;
  • beautiful graphics;
  • tuning and styling;
  • gorgeous music in the background;
  • various routes;
  • many cars for drifting.
  • Download the Peak Angle Drift Online torrent as soon as you get home. And then install it and try to play. She’s worth it.

    System requirements

    • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
    • Processor: 2.2 GHz
    • RAM: 2 GB
    • GeForce 8600GT or ATI HD2600 video card (shaders 3.0, 256 MB VRAM)


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